Review of Brainwavz XF200 Bluetooth Headset

Brainwavz XFIT XF200 is a model primarily for active people who enjoy sports with music. The profiled cord for over the ear, cable pilot and lightweight dome are designed to keep the equipment out of the workout and concentrate on the exercise.

XF200 construction

The dome is made of glossy black plastic, making the headphones very light. Certainly not as durable as aluminum bodies, but as for the plastic material they look quite good. A piece of wire that forms a loop around the ear is reinforced with an additional layer of material, and the place where the cable connects to the handset or the plug is thickly rubbered. The markings of the pages are not very clear (lightly embossed letters in plastic), but after some time the selection of the appropriate handset is getting easier and faster, because the dome profile prevents the XF200 from being reversed.

The cable connects to the plug approximately 120 degrees, which makes it easy to hook the headphones to the player and to pull the cable out of the pocket / sachet or case attached to the arm. Another convenient feature for the active is the microphone and remote control (with three buttons), which allows the player to operate without having to reach for the equipment. It was located in a rather unfortunate place. If the headphones are in the front, the remote control is at the level of the jaw (depending on the shape of the face and the size of the wearer’s face or not). On the other hand, when it is moved back, the driver’s seat falls on the back of the neck and it is necessary to reach far enough to carry out any operation on it. The service is also hampered by the fact that the mobile reducer that allows the excess cable to be collected is blocked by the pilot so that it can not be symmetrically pulled off the neck to the selected position. The only thing left to do is move the cable puller to the left ear – then the pilot is right behind the bottom – but then the loop is created near the head and the rest of the cabling is definitely on the left. You have to experiment and find the most convenient layout for yourself. The handset itself is comfortable and lightweight, with no discomfort even during longer training sessions. Well-kept ear, profiled clamps respectively fulfill their function.

The headphones feature the Brainwavz-style accessory set for most of the earbuds. Among them are: rigid, red and black, zippered pouches (very good protection against damage), several pairs of silicone overlays in different sizes, velcro to fasten the cord, a plastic clip for attaching the cable to the clothes and Comply T foam -400. It is delighted that the manufacturer consistently provides its customers with a range of extras. To learn more check cheap bluetooth headset. Even for budget products.

Brainwavz’s sporty proposition is a bit of a bouncy bass and pleasant, quite close and varied vocals. In electropop music, DJ sets and other genres that play in synthesized bass, there are really quite a few tones, so users who prefer balanced proportions can be tired of the bass. If, however, during the exercise someone needs musical motivation full of energy and power, the XFIT XF200 will do the job. Diameter is clear, clear, vocal sound clear and clear, despite the presence of bass do not lose in the instruments. Giving vocal lines is one of the strongest parts of the model – an advantage that will surely allow you to enjoy the songs from the training playlist. The high tones are cool and pale, they sound short, they do not attract attention or introduce complex retail. Stereophonics are pretty decent, though they are certainly not designed for music that operates differentiated plans. Deficiencies in this area are evident especially when listening to albums that are rich in acoustic, space sensitive instruments and abounding in sublime effects.

XFIT XF200 should satisfy users who are looking for seemingly impossible things: decent running gear at a very affordable price. Despite some shortcomings, this is definitely a worthy offer, because for less than $30 Brainwavz offers a complete set of accessories and headphones that work really well for its price tag.